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Skinned and Binned: …where your fur comes from

Contrary to popular belief, faux fur may not actually be ‘faux’, but that’s a different matter.


Whilst some people believe that exploiting animals (putting them through gruesome torture; isolating and eventually killing them through various ‘cheap’ methods) is worth it for a nice fur coat, I don’t.

If we weigh up the obvious cost and benefit, it is easy to recognise that one piece of clothing (often very expensive) is advantageous to the consumers, but not the producers… and you’ll be shocked to know which animals you’re wearing!

The most common sources of fur in the USA are actually cats and dogs, sent over from China. Our furry four-legged bundles of love are regularly rounded up and captured in large groups from the streets, sent to factories, caged and killed when we require their services.

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It may seem more disgusting to kill a dog or cat, rather than a cow or pig, and it will make the West hate these seemingly foreign cultures, that little extra. But unfortunately, we aren’t too advanced with our treatment of animals, either.

In Nepal, it is actually illegal to slaughter a cow, and yet in the UK, we slaughter 8000 every day, and they’re just cows. The Nepalese may see our culture as a barbaric one for the murder of cows, as we do for dogs and cats in China.

Back to fur, now that we understand the differences in cultures are basically an exact reflection of our own in many ways, using cats and dogs for fur doesn’t seem too strange an idea, does it?

Below are a few animals brutally slaughtered for fur:

Beavers – Dogs – Cats – Minks – Foxes – Chinchillas – Rabbits – Bears

There may be no more recorded fur farms within the UK, but the law banning fur farms excludes the import and selling of fur, sourced internationally. This kind of easy law-bypassing not only demonstrates the Government’s lack of interest in the welfare of animals, but that the public really must be the driving force of change. We have a responsibility to ignore the ‘free range’ and ‘ethically sourced’ sweet-talk, and be aware of what is really happening in fur farms.

Fur belongs on animals, not on our shoulders. Don’t be a bystander to cruelty.

If you want to end fur farming, follow any of these links below!

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