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3 ways of mastering veganism! (that are most powerful together)


1) Upgrade! Go Home-Made!

Now it’s easy to fall into the pit of despair when you walk into Tesco. First of all, before heading out, create a notepad of ‘must-have ingredients’ that you should own as a vegan. One is definitely tofu. If you check out¬†social media, or personal profiles¬†like on Instagram (@MizzVeganista), you will find that there is a huge ‘database’¬†of food, supplements and drinks that are readily available, so there is no need to panic!

So once you have created a mental mind-map of your food web, start buying raw ingredients and creating your own home-made meals. At the end of the day, as long as it tastes good, who really cares if those foods should even go together? ūüôā

One recipe I like to make at home is getting some piri-piri powder and adding this to a block of chopped and fried tofu, which you can scramble up for breakfast, too! For dessert, often supermarkets are great at catering for vegans, which seems surprising, right? For example, all supermarkets have their very own range of vegan ice creams!

[Picture 1: 4U Free-From Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Creams]


But nothing beats home-made, because you don’t have to stick to the limitations of ready-meals or just raw fruit and veg (which is still beautiful!), because it means you can eat the way you want, and you also get very, very good at cooking!

[Picture 2: BBQ Tofu Fillets with Vegenaise and diner-style fries]

BBQ Scrambled Tofu.png

Home-made will always be king, because you know exactly what is going into your food, and you know that it will definitely taste incredible!

2) Join a community

So, being a vegan is pretty much a constant battle. If you are the only vegan you know in person, it could be detrimental to your emotional wellbeing, so join a community. If you meet like-minded people, they will always help you, and pretty much instantly.

Facebook groups such as “Vegans United” have thousands of eager-vegans waiting to answer your questions. (Trust me, I’ve asked some pretty random questions over the years, and everyone answers, without batting an eyelid!).

One thing I must stress is this… just like every community, there are passionate debates and disagreements.¬†There are nice vegans, passive vegans, no-idea-what-I’m-doing vegans, super-helpful vegans, and some unpleasant vegans, so don’t be discouraged if the occasional negative comment is thrown your way (’cause hey! We’re all fighting the good fight, right?) and plus, for every one bad comment, it will be outnumbered by the positive 10:1.

Never, ever be alone! The community is there to ask questions and have them answered, for ranting to begin and for minds to be reassured, so if you have a query on veganism during pregnancy –¬†the best restaurants in your areaor which products are best for living on a budget –¬†they have your back!


3) Prepare your arguments

It’s not the lifestyle that discourages you from keeping cruelty-free, it’s the backlash that you are definitely going to receive.- But that’s okay! I got you covered…

“But bacon, though?” and “Where do you get your protein?” Are among two of the most FAQs that you – unfortunately – have to answer every time, just to hold up the fort for the rest of us.

Are you the sort of person that can listen to sonnets of inspirational¬†vegans, but when it comes to actually reciting that information, (normally¬†during an argument)¬†you really, just really can’t?

Need some quickfire answers, you do. Here you go, Young Padawan Learner¬†–¬†memorise these, and use¬†them wisely:

a) Where do you get your protein? РVeggies, seitan, hemp, nut butter, beans, non-dairy milk, quinoa, tofu, lentils, tempeh. Next!

b) Isn’t it really expensive being vegan? Your food bill can be reduced significantly, whilst containing higher-quality and more nutritious food than those found in an omnivore’s. The key is to buy unprocessed foods in bulk and not giving in to the expensive ready meals that charge extortionate prices just for being labelled ‘vegan’. Natural foods stores like Holland and Barrett sell great-quality and long-lasting grains and additional extras to add to your cart that last for months.

c) Don’t you miss eating meat? –¬† There are two ways to approach this:

  • I did, but you will be surprised how amazing the meat-free alternatives really are today! For example, Fry’s vegan burgers taste exactly like beef, and fill you up all day! And¬†fried seitan tastes like¬†KFC!¬†I can’t tell the difference! Go out and experiment for yourself!
  • Ever since going vegan, I have really lost my appetite for meat, connecting cruelty with the food that was on my plate. It has really opened my eyes, and I have been experimenting with so many more foods since giving up meat.

d) But humans have canine teeth for eating meat? Duh! РNothing needs to be said here. Just show them this pic. Then, optionally, go on to tell them why our ancestors are not the greatest role models, and if we lived by the ways of our ancestors, we would still be cave dwellers.


e) What’s wrong with dairy and eggs, they don’t involve killing? – Yes they do. Slaughterhouse ‘workers’ artificially inseminate cows on the so-called ‘rape-rack’, then when they give birth, they take their offspring away to either be killed¬†within a week¬†(if they are male), or if they are female, go through the very same process of being¬†‘raped’¬†as their mother. Their mother will continue to be artificially inseminated for the rest of their life. Finally, when the animals used for dairy and eggs are ‘dried up’, they take them to slaughter.¬†Meat and dairy are part of the same cycle, and they are not mutually exclusive.

In consequence, nearly all dairy cows and layer hens are sent to slaughter at less than half their natural life expectancy;                         Р

I will keep adding to this list as I go, but so far here are your 3 Ways of Mastering Veganism!

As always, here is a unique vegan website to read up on! Р

Keep it Vegan ūüíö



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Skinned and Binned: …where your fur comes from

Contrary to popular belief, faux fur may not actually be ‘faux’, but that’s a different matter.


Whilst some people believe that exploiting animals (putting them through gruesome torture; isolating and eventually killing them through various ‘cheap’ methods) is worth it for a nice fur coat, I don’t.

If we weigh up the obvious cost and benefit, it is easy to recognise that one piece of clothing (often very expensive) is advantageous to the consumers, but not the producers… and you’ll be shocked to know which animals you’re wearing!

The most common sources of fur in the USA are actually cats and dogs, sent over from China. Our furry four-legged bundles of love are regularly rounded up and captured in large groups from the streets, sent to factories, caged and killed when we require their services.

dogs cats

It may seem more disgusting to kill a dog or cat, rather than a cow or pig, and it will make the West hate these seemingly foreign cultures, that little extra. But unfortunately, we aren’t too advanced with our treatment of animals, either.

In Nepal, it is actually illegal to slaughter a cow, and yet in the UK, we slaughter 8000 every day, and they’re just cows. The Nepalese may see our culture as a barbaric one for the murder of cows, as we do for dogs and cats in China.

Back to fur, now that we understand the differences in cultures are basically an exact reflection of our own in many ways, using cats and dogs for fur doesn’t seem too strange an idea, does it?

Below are a few animals brutally slaughtered for fur:

Beavers – Dogs – Cats – Minks – Foxes – Chinchillas – Rabbits – Bears

There may be no more recorded fur farms within the UK, but the law banning fur farms excludes the import and selling of fur, sourced internationally. This kind of easy law-bypassing not only demonstrates the Government’s lack of interest in the welfare of animals, but that the public really must be the driving force of change. We have a responsibility to ignore the ‘free range’ and ‘ethically sourced’ sweet-talk, and be aware of what is really happening in fur farms.

Fur belongs on animals, not on our shoulders. Don’t be a bystander to cruelty.

If you want to end fur farming, follow any of these links below!

Keep it Vegan ūüíö






10 Left 4 Dead “FOOL-PROOF” Tips & Tricks – How To Win

…Wanna be the most bad-ass Left 4 Dead player alive?


Here are top 10 awesome tips to refine your zombie-killing skills:


1. Don’t run ahead – (It won’t get you very far after all)
Running too far ahead (and I mean – about ten feet away), will – 9 times out of 10 –¬†guarantee you one Survivor less. In Rochelle’s case above, by¬†being smoked to death while the infamously¬†dopey¬†‘bots’ completely ignore her,¬†and instead, help the player¬†below who is being slapped up¬†by two common infected. Talk about prioritising.


2. Save the Molotov for the TAAAANNNK!
We all know that the TAAANNK takes some hits before falling, but the best way to save your bullets – and possibly some lives – is by throwing a molly and keeping a safe distance. Once that baby’s on fire, he’ll be dead before you know it!


3. Witches be chillin'(Versus Mode)
Now L4D players will know that the Witch is one hard-ass mother to kill, especially since she instantly knocks you down¬†when disturbed. But sometimes Survivors manage to walk straight by her with no drama! (Boring!)¬†–¬†so as the Infected, you can stand beside her, waiting for one foolish player to aim for¬†you, but tragically¬†smack her right in the kisser instead. Trust me, she will not be pleased, but your team will.


4. How to Insta-kill (Versus Mode)
We love this guy for three reasons: his pure strength, the long distances he carries Survivors and his ability to perform insta-kills (which will bring about a few rage quitters). When Survivors are beside windows, up on rooftops or even by water Рlike on the first Parish chapter, the best thing to do as the Charger is pummel those enemies right off the map. Hell, if Survivors are clustered together, you could take out all four at once if you wanted!


5. Smokin’ Kills (Versus Round)
I’ve always favoured teamwork, and one trick as the Smoker (e.g.¬†on¬†the Dead Center ‘Hotel’ chapter) is to stand on the ledge below or aside a Survivor and drag them to the balcony where they are ‘downed’. Now, if this Survivor has a good team, others will come and attempt to lift the fallen Survivor back up. At this point, your team of Infected can spit on them, boom on them, hunt them, charge them, whatever they please. This not only weakens the players, but can give you time to reload your smoke quickly and pull another Survivor over. Ba-boom. Job’s a guddun.


6. Save the first-aid for later
The countless L4D players that use their health kits when on moderate health, and they’re doing it all wrong.¬†SAVE YOUR HEALTH KIT! Wait at least until after the¬†Tank, because you’ll be full of health, only for the big angry fellow to knock you down again, and before you know it, you’re stuck with almost no health, no pills or shot. (Not good).¬†When playing, wait until¬†you’ve fallen at least once and the Tank has come and gone¬†before using it. This way, you can make it to the end with more than +1 health. Until that time, stick to the temporary health boosters.


7. Don’t be greedy
Give health to those who need it. After all, if you’re still with full health and¬†poor old Rochelle¬†is lagging behind on 2%, you’re best off giving her the TLC she requires, as she’ll get hit eventually¬†and only slow your team down in the long run. And trust me, the kindness will be repaid in the end (not an innuendo).


8. Spawn Block
This is very useful on all online modes. As the Survivors, stand by different corners, alleys and walkways to stop any Infected from spawning suddenly next to you. When in a room full of guns and other goodies, have one person stand just outside the door so that Infected¬†cannot spawn there or anywhere near to you whilst you take your time choosing weapons. The Infected will then have further to travel before being able to attack, giving you a chance to hear their cries, track ’em down and kill ’em without taking casualties.


9. He’s behind you…
If your team are legging it to the next safe room, it’s always¬†a good idea¬†to have at least one Survivor facing back. The Infected have probably spawned late¬†by the time they realise you’ve zoomed past them whilst high on adrenaline, and you are way too far ahead¬†for them to¬†attack you¬†now, so they must¬†come up¬†from the rear (also not an innuendo). This also takes care of any irritating common infected that seem to knock off half your life before you¬†notice they’ve been attacking you since the start of the chapter.


10. Get way too¬†friendly with your team…

Sounds like an obvious one, but it works wonders when done correctly. If your teammates have a mic, talk to them and work out a strategy. If they don’t have microphones but they already have a strategy, you’re best just following their plan. At least that¬†way, you all know what to do in a crisis instead of separating and trying to make your own plan work alone.¬†And as for¬†dat one fella in the team who¬†fails to co-operate with none o’ y’all, kick ’em. They ain’t worth it!


Give these¬†10 quick¬†tricks a bash, and you’ll be a seamless zombie killer in no time!


Happy gaming ūüėČ